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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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pay her family half million-dollar in damages. it is unclear if he ever paid that but otherwise, despite being only suspect in her 1983 murder, charges were never filed and the case went cold. until right now. camden resident once known as super fly is now 72, and failing health. today, james snuka turned himself into lehigh county authorities. >> charges of third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter have been filed today against former professional wrestler james snuka in connection with the 1983 death of his, 23 year-old girlfriend, nancy argentina of brooklyn, new york. >> reporter: prosecutors believe that in may of 1983, following an event near allentown, an argument led to snuka assaulting her in the motel room and then withholding medical care, causing her death. according to a grand jury, new witnesses and new testimony about a domestic assault incident in the months prior, led to the recommendation of finally filing charges.
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another jarring new piece of evidence for the grand jury snuka's own 2012 autobiography >> presentment excited the autobiography where he talked about his frequent use of alcohol, steroid, cocaine, and wrote quote in 1983 my personal life started to get a little crazy, close quote. >> reporter: in a statement the company formally known as wwf says the wwe is expressing its continued sympathy to the argentina family for their loss. ultimately this legal matter will be decided by our judicial system. during the press conference today i asked district attorney james martin if the case that is aged 32 years harder to prosecute. >> the facts are the facts but obviously it is always somewhat a problem when you have a case of this age, we had to locate the the witness es, who were witnesses back in 1983, make sure they were still available. the other issue is what their recollections are and what their memories are.
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>> reporter: well, last month it was announced snuka is battling stomach cancer. the district attorney martin says that because of that a low bail was set so he could return home for treatments. not necessarily for his benefit but for benefit of the taxpayers who otherwise would have had to foot his medical bill if he were in prison. reporting live, from lehigh county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". police after rested a 21 year-old man who allegedly sexually assaulted a child at six flags great adventure. according to the special victims june i, ronnie lazy committed criminal sexual contact with a 13 year-old while standing in line for a ride in the amusement park. he is being held on hundred thousand dollars bail. lets look at weather now. well, september is not cooler. we are following in a forecast with meteorologist justin drabick who is live on the cbs-3 sky deck in for kate bay
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low today. >> that is right, very humid night, shaping up across the the delaware valley. still very hot outside. we are coming off a temperature of 95 degrees in the afternoon high. it looks like this trend just continues. check it out, we are now starting off heat wave number five, an extended one, we will go back to sunday with 91 degrees. we hit 90. today at 95. more low to mid 90's in the forecast for wednesday, and thursday. so get used to it. there is a change in the forecast as we get to labor day. check the list. ninety-five in philadelphia. ninety-four wilmington. ninety in allentown, atlantic city and reading coming in at 89 degrees. we are at upper 80's to lower 90's. still current air temperatures nice wind off the ocean around the shore but cooler there, upper 70's in some spots. storm scan three is quiet. we will see cloud passing by from time to time tonight. so, through the the evening hours, hot, 7:00 o'clock we're in the upper 80's. clearing out nicely tonight. by 11:00 o'clock we have a temperature of 80 degrees.
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i will show you what to expect for labor day in a few minutes, back to you. >> justin, thank you. charges are filed after decomposing bodies are found inside an unlicensed west philadelphia funeral home. blair hawkins, funeral director at hawkins funeral home has been charged with three counts of abuse of a corpse. decomposing bodies at funeral home at 53rd and vine. a big a announcement at the vatican, today, pope francis says he will allow priest toss ab solve women who have had an abortion during the catholic church's holy year of mercy. until now women who have had an abortion as well as these who helped obtain a abortion were ex-communicate by catholic church and needed permission of the bishop in order to lift the ban. pope says he has met many women bearing the scar of their agonizing decisions. and church officials say the the pope's merciful approach in no way condones abortion or changes church teaching but promote a strong message of
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forgiveness. greg argos is live in center city with the story, greg. >> reporter: we have been talking about this for months. preparations for pope's arrival, in fact, here at basilica, this grotto being construct as we speak, those white streamers are actual prayers that the pope is expected to bless but today the focus is on his comments regarding abortion and forgiveness. abortion is a taboo topic. but today pope francis is taking that issue and opening up an easiest way for catholics to ask for forgiveness after having one. >> it is an opportunity for him to say to the whole world that this mercy, god's mercy, is available to everyone. >> reporter: father kevin gallagher at saint dennis par niche havertown explains the pope is not condoning abortion in anyway. rather he is allowing priests throughout the world to offer forgiveness in the confessional to those who ask for it. in the past bishops had to grant permission before
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someone could be absolved. >> it is his statement today he refers to the sin of abortion, and mercy that the lord stands ready to give to any man or women who has found themselves, as he explains, in a very difficult situation. mercy and love of god is for everyone. >> reporter: this permission is something known as full faculty and catholics in our area won't see any change. the since bishops and diocese around philadelphia already allow priest to forgive. >> here in the archdiocese of philadelphia every priest is given faculty to celebrate the the fullness of the sacrament of reconciliation to anyone irregardless of what the sin. >> i'm delighted. >> reporter: both catholics and non-catholics alike seem to gree with the pope 's decision. >> forgiveness for everybody, i'm for it. >> it is really important and i'm not surprise that had pope francis is voicing this, it comes right from his heart. >> reporter: pope made these comments and these statements
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as part of the special year of mercy which begins, this september 8th and runs through november 20th of next year. we are live at basilica in center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". twenty-five days and counting pope francis will be arriving in philadelphia now in less than a month. if you want to come to philadelphia from new jersey while the pope is in town you don't to have walk across ben franklin bridge, the the river link ferry is adding extra services. ferry will be operating from 7:30 a.m. to midnight on saturday and sunday, during the papal visit and adding extra trips on that friday and monday, as well. we are days away from the papal visit to philadelphia, new billboard are set to appear to welcome pilgrims and pope francis the to the city. you may have seen some. there will be two versions of the billboards that feature images, accompanied by slogans, philosophy, sometimes it is good to pontificate and my philosophy great sit ace track great leaders.
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pope francis will be staying at saint charles seminar any wynnewood and today they reached a major milestone. pennsylvania horticultural society planted 500,000th trees in the its campus and 1 million campaign. white oak is in honor of the visit of the the pope. mayor nutter addressed the media about another event that will take place in the days leading up to the world meeting of families. the international mayor's forum will be held at lasalle university. this will bring leaders together to discuss issues of safety, issues and family. mayor nut's dressed a washington post article that criticizes the city's preparedness for pope 's visit saying source necessary that article weren't reliable. >> your best and most accurate information is either going to come from the city of philadelphia as i have characterized, donna, world meeting of families or u.s. secret service. in mess of the stories written before have anonymous sources, sources close to and a variety
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of other description that is have had no name attached and almost everyone of them was wrong. >> mayor nutter added even were looking stickal issues to work through philadelphia will shine, on the world stage. be sure to stay with cbs-3 and cbs for all of the information you need about the the papal visit, and on line, find a guide to the papal visit as well as world meeting of families and much more. family and friend gathered to say farewell to late sixers star darryl dawkins. public viewing was held for dawkins this afternoon at st. paul'se van gel cat lieutenant can church in lehigh county. private funeral is tomorrow, nickname chocolate thunder, dawkins was fan favorite for seven seasons with the sixers and a warrior when it came to bettering the the community. he died last week of a heart attack at the age of 58. as we continue tonight are you young at heart? it might be other way around. why doctors say your heart may be older then you.
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>> and thrown out of the moving car and left to die, now this little doggies healing, and looking for a new family, coming up, we will tell you how to adopt this tiny miracle, vittoria? >> we are live at lincoln financial field for on the road again tour, featuring one direction, and some of my favorite things are the signs, hey harry, can you pay for my tuition too. justin? >> all right? it looks like heat is on in my forecast, for heat wave number five, we will talk about how long it will last in a few more minutes, leslie. phillies trying to snap a long losing streak with the mets with a young line up tonight. plus, kiko alonzo is ready to fog thursday night. chip kelly also has a, starting quarterback, we will have that and much more, next.
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tonight take a virtual trip through the heart, health reporter stephanie stahl, has more on the one of a kind technology that can be a game changer. >> do you consider yourself young at heart? no matter what your age, doctors say chances your hearts condition makes it seem older than your body actually
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is. credit d.c. took in consideration blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and smoking. they have determined that men's hearts are on average, eight years older then their real age. for women, more than five years. how about that. >> new at 6:00 a doggies recovering in bucks county after a ordeal. >> it was thrown from a moving car in philadelphia the here's "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry. >> reporter: this is angel, and she's hoping for a miracle. she's trying to get back on her feet after being thrown from a moving car, in philadelphia. >> passerby saw it, went and saw her in traffic, and just rage there and ran her over in animal control in philly. >> reporter: the dog cannot walk. >> we don't think from being tossed out of the car. it might have been a situation where she was like this and deal whitney more. >> reporter: animal care and control alerted other rescue groups about her condition. >> she was, you know, probably heading for euthanasia because nobody would take this dog. >> reporter: angel is getting
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a second chance as a last chance ranch, sitting in quakertown... a place where different kind of animals, and and, and volunteers say the the dog's hind legs are not working but may not be completely paralyzed. >> her tail was, like her tail moves. >> she can stand on her back legs for only a few seconds, and then she uses her front legs to get around. >> she looks like a little goose. >> reporter: organization plans to raise thousands of dollars to pay for vet bills to improve her quality of life. >> angel is not going anywhere. she will be around for quite sometime. >> reporter: for more information on how you can help angel, log on to our web site at cbs in quakertown, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i could hold angel all day long,. >> hopefully somebody out there is going i think she belongs to our house. >> we will keep you updated.
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one direction is in town to perform at lincoln financial field. >> vittoria woodill is live there where a lot of excited young fans are, ready for tonight's show, vittoria. >> hi everybody, hi jessica and ukee. hey everybody, give a big wave. we are live in south philadelphia with the one direction concert, signs are being made and you're hoping that harry falls off the stage. >> yes. >> that way you can catch him. >> of course. >> and we have, i have to tell you, folks coming from every where. they are in philadelphia tonight but we have people in new york in a little bit. speak of new york, you know he how tad sits in the cars while kid go in the concert. not this guy. welcome this guy from new york. is what your name. >> george. >> where are you from new york. >> staten island. >> you are here to support one direction and your beautiful daughter. >> yes. >> how excited are you for concert. >> i have been hearing about it for last two months every day so i'm pretty hyped. >> is what your favorite one direction song. >> nile. oh, sorry, favorite song.
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>> story of my life. >> thinks your first concert for one direction. >> yes. >> what are you most excited about. >> them. >> that is a good simple answer. speaking of them we're also hoping that, one of them at least, specifically harry, find the temple students that we have, because of their signs. what was motivation behind this sign. >> i really like harry styles and i like temple and i want him to pay my tuition, because i can't. >> is that the best. can i put my name in there too as well. >> yes, i think i will. >> thank you so much. >> well, we are live from south philadelphia, concert starts at 7:00. we're having so much fun and i think ukee, you guys at desk you are all very jealous of all of us here, am i correct. >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> front row seats. >> happy birth the day. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. >> her birthday is tomorrow and she's celebrating here at the concert.
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>> yes, she's 21. >> happy 21st birthday. >> thank you. >> enjoy the show. >> give a big birthday hug for us. >> bye-bye. >> they are waving back at you. >> bye vittoria. >> thanks very much. >> and great day to be out, celebrating and having a great time before this concert. >> it is we have luck out, dry today, warm for some people, you have to remember still summer season here. things could be worse. we are not talking record temperatures. it will get hotter this time of the year as we approach 100 d books but lets take you outside to the neighborhood network, and place to cool off, we will be at new jersey shore live look at margate right now for beach patrol headquarters. beach clearing out but not a bad evening at all, watch as sunsets, waves calm right now, hazy conditions but overall a comfortable conditions with the nice breeze coming in off the atlantic ocean. i mentioned can get worse, you thought today was hot. in 1952 the record was
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100 degrees tomorrow and that thursday same deal, 100. we're not going to get this hot. so no record temperatures to talk about but 90's still racking up. another one. that is 31 days so far for 2015. so we're getting closer to 2012, 39. if you are not a fan of the heat, bringing in the fall count down six days until labor day. twenty-two days until fall season begins. halloween how about that 60 days and then 61. we end daylight savings time. ninety-two the official temperature right now currently still in philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, still very hot in the upper 80's. we have been lock in, storm scan three shows us high pressure over mid-atlantic. there is no major storm systems able to develop, that high slowly drifts off shore and that keeps heat and humidity around. another day of low and mid 90's on wednesday, thursday repeat partly sunny skies, and then we will watch this cold front from the north moving southward on friday, it could bring a shower or storm but
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what it does is knock back temperatures. we have seen 80's returning to the forecast. as for the day a nice labor day weekend forecast. back home again here in the delaware valley a few clouds through overnight hours into tomorrow afternoon, slight chance for stray shower each day wednesday and thursday, most areas are dry. here's your shore forecast for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, have that sun block out, ocean water at 75. air temp 78. before that sea breeze kicks in. that will nom temperatures back. clear skies, warm, muggy 73 for center city. cooler in the suburbs. hot, humid day wednesday. 94 degrees. here is that forecast, break out grills, hit the pool, enjoy sunny 88 degrees. here's the extended forecast. we will bring relief, lower humidity in the sunshine mid 80's and next week we will keep things dry monday and tuesday. check of your forecast, we
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator coons, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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over the the years i have called this last game the backup, bowl. >> yes. >> guys trying to make the team. >> oh, yeah. >> and trying to make the team. >> this is it. one more to go before things count. short week of practice and another busy day for eagles. bird to have get that roster down to 75 players by 4:00 this afternoon. team released, kevin, they waved emmanuel ac ho and placed corry shepherd on injured reserve. who knows from today's training camp kiko alonzo and josh huff are expected to play in the preseason finally. riley cooper was back after sitting out monday. marcus smith and sack ertz have not return yet. codey park i is a toss up for vets game. he might not play but he should be ready for week one. chip kelly says matt barclay will be starter but reps are not determined just yet. >> we will sit down and kind of figure it out who is in and how is out and is what going on in the other positions but
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we will finalize that later on. >> as for alonzo, told reporters he will play on thursday but did play that last week before late scratch kept him out. chip was non-committal but didn't think tendonitis issue was a big deal, alonzo was just looking forward to seeing a field. >> i wouldn't necessarily say i need it but chip asked me to be out there, to play a real game. >> we'd like to see him. >> phillies lost ten straight the to the mets, another chance to snap that streak at city field. here is our line up, courtesy of matt leon. sweeney will start off, another start for aaron altear. aaron harang on the mound with ten starts, in queens. yes. >> well, okay. >> that sweeney has been playing very well. >> yes. >> we will see. >> yes. >> we will see. >> we will be right bac
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when new at 6:00 tonight, taking steps in the fight against childhood cancer. >> "eyewitness news" in bala cynwyd where alex lemonade stand foundation kicked off alex million mile, and goal, to collectively get people to walk or ride, 1 million miles in the fight fence childhood cancer, september is childhood cancer awareness month. good luck to all of them. we love alex. >> we do. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly. we are back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". highway snipper on the loose in phoenix. the hoist taking aim at cars and is what being done to stop the shootings. here now with scott pelley, take care we will see you
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tonight. >> pelley: after the seismic plunge in august, september begins with an aftershock. the dow falls nearly 470 poants. also tonight, another cop ambushed. the manhunt is on for the killers. a clerk versus the supreme court. she refuses to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority. >> pelley: and diversity on another court. making tennis more open. >> i think it's very important because you're seeing something different. >> pelley: well, just when it looked like wall street was putting itself back together again, retirement nest eggs took another great fall. the dow industrialsng


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